Pain and Injury Massage
250 Adriatic Parkway McKinney, Texas 75070


"Karen is not only a gifted body worker, she is a gifted healer. I've trusted my own pain in her hands and found relief.  I refer my  clients to her with a wide array of medical conditions requiring a talented massage therapist with an broad understanding of the impact of each of those disorders on the human body. I also refer clients struggling with the stresses of daily life or dealing with the aftermath of traumatic events. They all consistently report her to be both highly professional and her touch deeply healing." -Dr. Janice Caudill-Licensed Psychologist-Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

 "I'm a believer. My neck still feels so much better, even after a 75 minute Strike class today. Thank you so much!"-Andrea S. McKinney, TX

"Karen is an exceptional massage therapist, and she was a tremendous help to me as I worked to strengthen and rehabilitate my knees to correct misalignments and alleviate chronic pain.  Karen is able to hear what the client needs and to meet those needs with a cheerful, gracious attitude. She shows an ongoing commitment to providing a safe and healing environment for her clients. Because of her skill in both listening to the client and delivering the therapeutic techniques, Karen is outstanding at what she does, and I strongly recommend her work. With many other gifted therapists, I have had unexpected or unpleasant side effects, such as spasming of the small muscles in the neck and shoulders a few hours after a massage.  Under Karen’s care, I have never experienced these side effects.”-Ashie O. McKinney, TX